A Book Review of Suze Orman : The Courage To Be Rich

I finished Suze Orman’s The Courage To Be Rich last night. I found it rather enlightening. There are 6 parts and 22 chapters. She covers courage, value, love and money, buying a home, retirement, and courage to use your money to connect to the world. She presents her own tales and stories told by clients or other people she’s dealt with and uses these experiences to share financial wisdom. If you’re afraid of money because of the math, she’s provides guidance without throwing a barrage of formulas at you. She’s realistic, informed, and friendly. The book extensively covers some serious issues including money and divorce, money and retirement, and money and financial ignorance. She explains the value of getting second opinions. She shows how some kind of active interest in creating wealth will benefit everyone. If you’ve never read any of her books, the first part is probably the best part. It helps you overcome your fear and procrastination related to money. The 5th part helps you plan for retirement and has a really good chapter on IRAs. I think the book would be good for beginner investors and those readers just about to jump out of the debt hole. The part on money and love is good for newlyweds and people considering divorce. It’s not for people looking to start their own business. It’s not for those looking for trading secrets. I’ve read other books that give more detail on becoming debt free, so this wouldn’t be my first choice for readers seeking that advice. My wife now plans to read it, and I’ll ask her to do a review of it after she’s read it too.