Carnival Of Debt Reduction #28

The Carnival of Debt Reduction has made it’s round to our neck of the woods here in Dallas, TX. This Carnival is for fun and we invite your attendance. Step right up and witness the debt-defying! Without further ado…

Supermom from New York helps us manage our debt by giving us five practical ways to reduce our expenses.

Free Money Finance advises on some upcoming credit card trends that will enable us to plan for our debt appropriately.

Journey To Financial Freedom instructs us on carefully using debt, through lines of credit, for some risky investing strategies.

Young and Broke breaks it to us the hard way. It takes action and not whining to overcome debt.

Personal Finance Advice shows us some videos that demonstrate how debt affects our stress levels.

Mighty Bargain Hunter has an excellent article that puts debt reduction as a goal, and lays out a plan to accomplish the goal.

Aridni shares from a Dave Ramsey book about some basic steps to guide us through the process of reducing debt.

NCN, one of the few, the proud, the debt-free, introduces us to Debt Monster, who’s closing debt gap with an awesome $4000 USD eliminated in 20 days.

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