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PrivacyGuard – 2 Months for $1

Well, my credit score has gone up again. I’m still in the fair range of all 3 credit bureaus, but I’ve had a big jump. As I was checking my credit today, I noticed an awesome deal for anyone who wants to know more about their credit rating. PrivacyGuard is offering 2 months for $1. I’ve been using them for awhile and am very happy with their online service. The regular snail mail service seems a little slow though. The downside to using PrivacyGuard is that they don’t provide enough specific information (creditor’s account #/address/phone#) to complete a dispute, but they give you your score with all 3 bureaus and all inquiries/accounts/etc in an easy to read format. If you’re unsure of what your credit score is, it’s a must to at least try for 2 months for $1.

Credit Repair

Trying to repair a scarred credit history is tough. It takes patience and lots of diligence, but the effort pays off. I checked my credit file again today and I see that my lowest score has now jumped 50 points thanks to the deletion of bad credit account. It cost me $15 dollars for the certified letters, but the score is now so much higher that I’ll qualify for better interest rates and that could potentially save me thousands. With good credit, I’ll also be able to apply for loans for credit for business ventures as well. To see my credit score slowly crawl out of its grave is one of the best feelings and an enormous relief.

Improving Our Credit Scores

My wife’s credit is in need of some help. She has a few negative items, and no good items. So I had our credit card company start reporting my account on her credit too so that they’ll begin reporting the good credit.

I use a service, called Privacy Guard that allows me to review my credit at any time. I’ve seen my credit score go up over a hundred points using the service. I’m going to use their online form and request the reports for her account too.