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Learning Annex – Real Estate Wealth Expo

In Dallas from February 18th-19th, The Learning Annex will be hosting The Real Estate Wealth Expo at the Dallas Convention Center. They will have over 70 speakers. In the list of Keynote Speakers, they’ve got some big names.

  • Donald Trump is presenting How to Get Rich with Donald Trump.
  • Robert & Kim Kiyosaki are sharing Rich Dad, Poor Dad: The Secrets of Wealth with Robert & Kim Kiyosaki.
  • Anthony Robbins is giving Unleash the Power Within! with Anthony Robbins.
  • George Foreman will be presenting Success Secrets Of Knockout Entrepreneur with George Foreman.

They’ve got some specials on registration, and for two days and the presentations, the cost isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’m highly considering attending.

The Lazy Way To Success

Even though I got a big raise and it’s nice to increase my income, I’m still looking for that awesome way of making income, with little or no effort. Something that doesn’t take 8-10 hours of my day, to provide a comfortable income would be ideal. It’s important to find other people who have been able to achieve our goals, and that’s why I’m going to share about a web site where I can learn a thing or two. Fred, the author of “The Lazy Way To Success” has started two businesses, and writes on how to start a business with no business experience. Owning a business is a very popular way of producing passive income, and many are very successful at doing it. I think it’s one of the methods I’ll use in the future.

Make Quick Cash on eBay or anywhere else

The eBay fiasco was a success, however not quite the way I was hoping. I did make a little money, I had an ROI of 6.7% which beats any savings account or money market fund. I did learn a little. I received the experience, and while they weren’t the first things I sold on eBay, they were the first items I had bought with the sole purpose of reselling for profit. I was much more interested in their success/failure and constantly monitored them compared to previous i-just-need-to-get-rid-ofit or im-sellings-because-im-upgrading auctions. I spent a lot more time and attention on the details while the auction was open and during the setup process. Because of the energy it requires, I of course would need to refine the process in order to make it more lucrative. (cheaper/more products, streamline the posting process, so forth).

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on any kind of alternative for making some quick cash (not stocks/bonds/etc) that required little effort.


I don’t know how they do it, but my mother and step-father pull off some amazing bets. My step-father’s about to receive a mechanical heart (goes in for pre-op on 8/13/2005) and as a gift my mother took him on a showboat in Louisiana. My step-father got a quarter jackpot, and won $2500.00. He bought Mom the running boards for her brand new Dodge Ram that she’s had a hard time climbing into. He had them installed and used the remaining money to finance another trip to the horse races today. My mom’d won $12000 another year on the same boat (with a dollar bet). How DO they do it?