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The E-Gold Result

As a follow up, got the result that my mother and I expected. She received no response in over a week’s time to her inquiry regarding the ‘investment opportunity’. This goes as more evidence of the idea : “If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t”. Instead, consider investing your time, energy, and money into something that has proven time and time again to be earning such as a CD, Money Market account, an index fund, a drip account, stocks or bonds. You’ll be glad you did.

Increasing Your Net Worth with Multiple Sources Of Income

In this day and age, as I try to find other ways of creating positive cashflow, I have to consider options. Ideal money making possibilites for me have five “zero” traits.

  • Zero Cash
  • Zero Risk
  • Zero Time
  • Zero Management
  • Zero Energy

It will take many different brainstorming sessions to arrive at the perfect solution, and even then it’s not done. Action has to be completed to carry out the opportunity. I will be able to repeat and add each opportunity to my collective cash arsenal to keep bringing money into my life.


I exposed my ever-entrepreneurial mother to e-gold. I’m not really for certain how it’ll turn out. She tried using the 30min service. She’s trying an amount less than $100. My mom’s owned a few business and always to make new ways of earning money where she could be her boss. Even in her career she’s the boss. She’s invested a lot of time, energy, and money in her education. She always invests as much as she can into her 401k. She’s used her great bargaining skills and real estate education to find great deals on homes to live in. She’s bought stocks on the market. I’ll include more information on her e-gold experiece tomorrow evening.


I’ve seen some Google AdSense ads that advertised making money with “e-gold”. From what I’ve found, you can purchase e-gold from different e-tailers and they will charge a percentage. I’ve seen 10% and 15%. Then you can use the e-gold as currency and spend it. Some investors are offering a 150% for your e-gold. I’m of course skeptical about this sort of “investing”, but I’m always interested in any opportunity to make about 35% profit just for shifting some money around amongst accounts. They have a gaurantee where they’ll deposit the returns in your PayPal IN ADVANCE. Does anyone else have any further information regarding this? Has anyone tried it?