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Protect Yourself from Identity Fraud

Recently, my wife was a victim of identity fraud. After getting our credit levels to a point where we were satisfied, we’d cancelled our credit report monitoring service several months earlier. We’ve since re-rolled in PrivacyGuard to monitor our reports. I suggest it or any similar service. Try out PrivacyGuard for two months for a dollar with no commitment (my wife called to cancel, they gave her 2 months more for the price of 1 (that’s $14 for 4 mos). That’s *extremely* competitive. The best thing about Privacy Guard, is you can order your report and see scores from all three at any time you want.

After several phone calls, letters, faxes, etc… her score is recovering, but still 60 points below where it was. We should have never cancelled it

Some more helpful hints: 

  • shred everything
  • trust no one