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Saving Money On Your Next Computer

With a technology background, I know about building and putting together computers. My wife and I really need more than one computer (honestly, more than two or even three).

I was able to put some scrap parts together and we had two new computers. The second one’s kind of limited in the area of hardware, but we it will do. I used Ubuntu instead of Windows, and I’ve found excellent free replacements for all the software. That’s where I saved thousands. Everything is free.

I’ve started a blog and it will tell you how you can save a load of cash using the free operating system. The blog’s called Ubuntu For Free and you can find it on the home page.

Tools For Stock Investors

I found some excellent tools on MSN’s Money Central Web site today.

5 Good Lessons from Rich People

On MSN Money Central, there’s Liz Pulliam Weston writes a good article about 5 lessons the rich can teach you.

The fundamental difference is :

These people don’t just have money; they treat it differently than people farther down the economic ladder.

  • Here’s five supporting habits of that which she covers:
  • They give away more.
  • They are much more likely to own businesses.
  • They borrow strategically.
  • They don’t blow a lot of money on cars.
  • They’re almost always homeowners, and many own investment property, too.