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401k Have you signed up?

Jeff at Personal Finance Advice has issued his Financial Challenge – Day 5. Here he challenges you to enroll and participate in your company’s 401k. I’ve already got a head start and have even bumped it up. If your company matches any amount, and you’re not participating, you’re MISSING FREE MONEY. Signing up is usually rather painless, and is one of the best investments for its simplicity that you can make.

I took some time to gather some resources to answer many of the questions those new to 401ks may pose.

Money – Do It Now – 10 Resolutions

I found a great all in one article on today. It’s not a site I regularly frequent, but this article is definitely top notch. It covers “10 simple strategies for finally achieving your financial goals“.

It takes a deeper look into saving more money, investing smarter, getting out of debt, getting your career kick-started, and more.

It’s actually a collection of 10 articles, and will take some time to get through all of them, but it’s time well spent.