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Money Skill 2 : Control

The truly wealthy people control every cent. Fortunate people practice a few extra steps before deciding to spend money. These include:

  • Shop for the best value
  • Demand a discount
  • Audit reciepts and invoices to verify correctness
  • Use legitimate tax benefits when possible
  • Balance their checkbooks regularly
  • Immediately file reciepts of purchases to be able to refer to them later

Making these additional steps a habit and using them before each expenditure will bring us one step closer to being prosperous. We will actually be modeling the wealthy and leveraging the prior experience of the opulent to our benefit.

Money Skill 1 : Value

A wealthy person understands the value of their money. They realize that money is a symbol of power. They also value each dollar as a seed and see that a tiny little seed can grow into large quantities of money. Like a seed, it has to be nurtured and receive care. Eventually that seed will bear fruit and they will be able to feast from the yield in the future. Because of this foresight, they respect the dollar the way that it should be.

Money Skills

Seven Money Skills Of Extremely Prosperous People

I found this in One Minute Millionaire. These are the seven money skills that wealthy people possess.

  • Value
  • Control
  • Save
  • Invest
  • Earn
  • Shield
  • Share It

Of course there’s more to it than these few words listed on some web site or in a book. It takes actually having these in our character, and using them to our betterment. Over the next 7 days, I’ll be going into further detail on each of these skills, so please stay tuned.