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The best time to plant an oak tree

Getting ready for the holiday weekend, my time has been reduced even further. For now, I’ll share a quote I read from The Wealthy Barber. David Chilton’s book is full of wit and great words expressing wisdom. I found this one and loved it:

The best time to plan an oak tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.

401k Update 001

I’ve increased my 401k contribution to 10%. For the first time, I’m now paying myself first. That first 10% of my check comes off the top and goes directly to me. Well, almost, it goes to my 401k. I’ve actually lost money since I first decided to join my companies 401k because the price per unit is less than what I paid for my first contribution, but I’m staying optimistic. I expect dollar-cost-averaging to come to my rescue and continue to help my nest egg grow.

The Lazy Way To Success

Even though I got a big raise and it’s nice to increase my income, I’m still looking for that awesome way of making income, with little or no effort. Something that doesn’t take 8-10 hours of my day, to provide a comfortable income would be ideal. It’s important to find other people who have been able to achieve our goals, and that’s why I’m going to share about a web site where I can learn a thing or two. Fred, the author of “The Lazy Way To Success” has started two businesses, and writes on how to start a business with no business experience. Owning a business is a very popular way of producing passive income, and many are very successful at doing it. I think it’s one of the methods I’ll use in the future.

Congratulations to my brother.

All of my step-brothers have always been financal inspirations to me. One recently had a big success that I would like to share. He’s worked very hard and I’m very happy for him in this accomplishment. He’s a salesman for a very large computer company, and has now made a deal for 9.7million, which if I’m assuming his commission correctly, at 3% that’s $291,000. He’s spent quite some time and effort on this deal, but knowing my brother, I’m sure that his wonderful people skills, charisma, and attitude had a lot to do with this triumph.

Parents! Never Tell Your Child…

Through my youth, and even into adulthood, anytime I had a problem with anything, whether I failed a class, I didn’t get the job I wanted, or anything else, my parents always told me “You can do anything… if you just put your mind to it.” Unfortunately, they left out the rest of the sentence. I had to discover myself that it finishes with “and take appropriate action.” All the good thoughts and best intentions in the world never got anywhere further than the mind that created them, but all kinds of wonderful things can happen when action is used in combination to these thoughts. If they’d told me that, I can’t say I know how, but I know things would be different for me. So parents, listen up, if you’ve not been seeing the good things that your children deserve happen, try saying “You can do anything if you put your mind to it and take the next action.”