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Forbes Warns of Banks Retaliating through fees

Forbes wrote that as banks are grappling in their battlefield, they may have civilian casualties. Expect to be bled when banks are given the opportunity to offer a premium service such as overdraft fees and ATM fees for a hefty rate, and that those fees will be increasing and less frequently waived. Banks have realized that they must collect from their customer base in every corner of the market if they are to expect to survive in this gory economic times.

Forbes comforts the reader by offering the same common sense advice I believe in for dealing with the opponent: know the battlefield and plan ahead.

401k unsteady picking itself up

My 401k’s slowly making it’s climb, with just a small +0.18 in unit price today. It started out pretty good, but it does seem to have slowed down at a lot lower price than before the slump. I’m relieved to see that it’s progressing. I kind of wish it had held off until after the company had contributed their match. That would have been a significant increase on my match. I guess this is where dollar cost averaging is really going to pay off for me in the long run.

Did anyone not have the same kind of lackluster return to a pre-subprime-lending-crash state?

Stretch Your Christmas Money

If you’re like me, and got some cash for the holidays and want to stretch it, consider getting a savings account through a great bank. It might also be a good time to set a New Years resolution, of putting all your gift money for the year into a high yield savings account. If you’d like to commit, I’ll help sweeten the deal by giving a referral. ING Direct will give a bonus if you establish a savings account using the referral and a minimum starting balance. Please contact me if you’re interested in taking advantage of this offer.

Snipe on eBay FTW and a great deal.

Okay, so not everyone’s going to recognize FTW (for the win), but everyone understands “eBay” and “great deal”. Previous studies have been done that show that winning bids occur most frequently in the last couple of seconds before the auction closes. This also helps keep the cost of the item low because it virtually shortens the auction time. My wife knows this, and others have studied the phenomenon, but now South Korean physicists have applied a universal formula that supports the truth in this matter. They say that formula is nk(t+1) — nk(t) = w(k-1)(t)*n(k-1)(t) — wk(t)*nk(t) + sigma(k,1)*u(t) has more