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Where Have I Been?!

Most of my readers have probably noticed a prolonged absence over the past couple of weeks. I’ll briefly explain why and then let you know what I’ll do about it in the future.

 My absence was due to school consuming a lot of my time. I just finished with finals. It’s over… for now. I graduated with honors for my Associate of Applied Science for Software Development (any job offers, please let me know…). I’ve also had a bunch of personal things going on (my dog’s been sick, I’ve had car trouble, I’ve been trying to build my ‘network’ back up, etc).

 I’ve also been attacked by spam… huge amounts of garbage being posted in the comments, so I’ll have to tackle that.

 I’ll start posting here more regularly. I’ll try to get that kick started again tonight or tomorrow, so please stay tuned.

I’d like to thank all my readers who have remained loyal during this. Thanks for your understanding.