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Cool Money Tools at Money Central

I found a very easy to use money tool at MoneyCentral today. It’s the Debt Evaluation Calculator. It asks about your income, your house payments, other payments. Using the information you provide, it then displays the results and provides a summary. For example, here’s what it tells me:

You pay $1456 in debt payments and have a total income of $5450 each month, resulting in a debt ratio of 27%.
You have a relatively low debt ratio that puts you in good stead to make all of your payments.

Graduation Spring 2006

I get my Associate of Applied Sciences for Software Development on May 11th 2006 from Brookhaven College in Dallas County Community College District. Then I’m off to continue my education some more. I’m setting a personal goal to try to get a masters by age 35. I know, I know, it should have been a long time ago. This is going to feel good though.

Giver’s Get

The Enlightened Millionaire is just one example of many that refers to it, and I experienced a great example of this myself recently. A friend was sponsoring a charity for her church, and my wife and I helped collect donations for her. We didn’t really collect much, but her charity gave thanks to those that did help. My wife and I received dinner to Razzoo’s, one of our favorite dining spots. It’s true, if your hands aren’t opening to give they aren’t open to receive either.