Employment Adventures

I am finally a full employee at State Farm. The good news is they have awesome benefits.

Just some of the awesome goodness:

  • Health Benefits. It’s been a year since I’ve had any, and now I’ve got good ones for the first time since 2002.
  • A $4800 raise. Thank God. There’s nothing like a regular increase in income.
  • Another raise with a performance cash bonus in February. It’s cool. I’m down with it.
  • Tuition Reimbursement! Need I really say anything else?
  • Mega discounts! It’s illegal to give discounts on insurance, so we don’t get any, but I get discounts on everything else from electronics to office supplies to jewelry, furniture, travel, home loans, automobiles, car rentals, food, restaurants, etc
  • Credit Union. We’ve also got our own credit union, and we can get auto loans at very competitive rates [beats any auto loan I've had].
  • A retirement program. After 5 years, I’m fully vested. This one’s new to me. I’ve never had anything like it. It will provide about 30-45% of my income after retirement.
  • 401k with match! The 401k is rather lackluster. They’re VERY conservative but always have gains. They only match up to $50/mo and always another $25/mo. [range of $25-$75/mo]
  • I also get a hoard of time off. It’s rather unbelievable. Upon my second year, of service, I get 20 sick days alone. That’s not including vacation time, personal time, permission time, et al.

2 thoughts on “Employment Adventures

  1. Hey, great job on the…err..GREAT JOB!
    Sounds like you are really, really excited.
    One quick, tiny warning.
    I went from earning x to earning x plus 20,000
    one year, and I thought I would
    do much better, but I was unwise and spent
    my “new” money like it was going to last forever.
    Never assume that your job or salary will
    always be there…use this extra money to
    save and prepare for the future..
    Great blog,

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