I don’t know how they do it, but my mother and step-father pull off some amazing bets. My step-father’s about to receive a mechanical heart (goes in for pre-op on 8/13/2005) and as a gift my mother took him on a showboat in Louisiana. My step-father got a quarter jackpot, and won $2500.00. He bought Mom the running boards for her brand new Dodge Ram that she’s had a hard time climbing into. He had them installed and used the remaining money to finance another trip to the horse races today. My mom’d won $12000 another year on the same boat (with a dollar bet). How DO they do it?

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  1. I guess they’re getting paid back for all the shit the IRS has thrown their way. They’ve paid the same taxes over and over and over for the past 15 years because the IRS adds on more statutory add-ons and so forth. Their $15k in taxes has probably cost them $45-$50.

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