Google Drops The Chrome Bomb

Google’s launching into the browser wars head on with the announcement of Chrome. It’s a web browser that boasts some nice features.

  • sandbox tabs for security, meaning each tab will run in its own process in the operating system.
  • integrated with existing web based apps like Google Docs, Calendar, Gmail, etc.

The Windows binaries are available, but while they have stated it will be available for the Linux-based Android on the mobile platform, no current Linux binaries or source are available. I’m disappointed because I’m not sure I’m excited enough to reboot to Windows in order to find out.

This speaks volumes of their software development efforts for integrating their business into the entire user experience, from search engine to operating system, mobile phone platform, personal computers, web browser, office document suite, groupware service provider, ad content provider, automated electronic language translation and so much more… are the only things missing routers, peripherals, and servers?