Interesting Site : Money : What is it, How does it work

While my step-dad hs been recovering from his heart transplant, my reading time has been shortened. He came off the respirorator yesterday and is now breathing on his own with the new heart. He’s still kind of groggy because of the morphine, but he’s coming through. It’s also been reduced as this is finals week. I still get to do a little browsing at work, so I’ll share what I have found today and continue with the Wealthy Barber series as soon as I can.

As I was browsing my inbox and I discovered an interesting site, Money : What is it, How does it work. While the site isn’t pretty, the author’s articles cover a broad range of topics related to money and they are very easy to read and VERY informative. The author has also compiled the articles into a book that’s available online. It’s not littered with ads which does make the site appealing.

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