Logitech Rebate

Just when my track record for rebate fulfillment was going strong, Logitech had to screw it up for me. I purchased a Logitech, MX1000 mouse on 12/19/2005 and the rebate offer says I had to buy it between 12/18/2006 and 12/24/2005. Of course like any other rebate offer, you have to include a copy of the reciept. My HP PSC2110 All-In-One works great for photocopies. I don’t know if they can’t read it (mind you, the date is printed on there *TWICE*) from the photocopy even though I was able to read it. Maybe they didn’t understand their own terms. Unfortunately, there isn’t much help available via phone, but I’m using their online form for contact at this point. I’ve filled out their form and am awaiting contact. I sent Thursday night, so I’ll give until Friday before attempting to write again. Maybe by then I’ll receive the photo and it’ll have something helpful in it. I’ll update as it comes in.