Make Quick Cash on eBay or anywhere else

The eBay fiasco was a success, however not quite the way I was hoping. I did make a little money, I had an ROI of 6.7% which beats any savings account or money market fund. I did learn a little. I received the experience, and while they weren’t the first things I sold on eBay, they were the first items I had bought with the sole purpose of reselling for profit. I was much more interested in their success/failure and constantly monitored them compared to previous i-just-need-to-get-rid-ofit or im-sellings-because-im-upgrading auctions. I spent a lot more time and attention on the details while the auction was open and during the setup process. Because of the energy it requires, I of course would need to refine the process in order to make it more lucrative. (cheaper/more products, streamline the posting process, so forth).

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on any kind of alternative for making some quick cash (not stocks/bonds/etc) that required little effort.

2 thoughts on “Make Quick Cash on eBay or anywhere else

  1. Out of curiosity, what did you buy and sell? I looked back a couple posts and couldn’t find any mention of eBay. eBay is fun, but I question how many people make a decent per-hour wage on it. Now, if you hired the right people to do all the work for you, that would be nice. Sorry, no get quick cash ideas from me, besides things like calling in and saving on your cable bill ;)

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