My 1st Annual 401k Review – Good news!

I’ve now been contributing to my company’s 401k for over a year. It’s valued at about 66% more than I had expected it to be, but it’s about half of what I’d hoped for. Overall, it earned pretty well, but the matched contribution was what really put me over the top. I plan on continuing the aggressive allocation in my 401k’s strategy this year unless my debt is completely cleared first, in which case I would allocate more.

I’d love to hear how yours compared.

2 thoughts on “My 1st Annual 401k Review – Good news!

  1. My 403b was up 17% for the year. Are you saying that you got a 66% return? Or did you contribute more than you expected?

    Ps… could yo update the link to my site:
    I’ve moved from blogger…

    It’s good to see you posting again!

  2. With what my company matched and what it gained in value, it was about 66% more than what I contributed over the past year.

    No problem on updating the link. Glad to see you switch from blogger too.

    It’s good to post again!

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