Organizing Wealth

The nature of the development of wealth begs for sharpened organizing skills. As I’ve been attempting to accomplish this tremendous feat, I have discovered some very useful tools. I think the one I’ve learned the most from is David Allen’s Getting Things Done. I’ve seen some others that I was curious about. For example Anthony Robbins The Time Of Your Life The thing I like about David’s is that if you just resist the urge to not give in with total commit, it totally works. I’ve been able to keep up with, track, schedule, all sorts of different things that I’d have never been able to do before now. It’s action driven, and simultaneously assuring you of stress-free organizing. The things they should teach in high school are so often neglected. Does anyone else use a Palm or a Hipster? I’ve got a Visor Handspring, and it weighs a ton (well, actually… 5.7oz) so I’m interested in getting something lighter and with color, but I didn’t really want to spend the money to upgrade to Pocket PC like the Dell Axim or Compaq/HP iPaqs.