The Courage To Be Rich

Now that I’m finished with The One Minute Millionaire, I decided to continue with my next book, even though I’m in the middle of a semester (my mid-term is Saturday). I chose Suze Orman’s “The Courage To Be Rich.” I’ve seen her shows and I think she’s rather motivating, only because of her contagious energy. Suze’s an expert who has been successful with another company, with her own, and as well as marketing herself. One of my most interesting chapters I’ve read of this book, is a section devoted to the relationship between clutter and our current financial status. Suze tells the stories of several families who’s financial state has been impacted by clutter, and how they have improved with the removal of the junk. She says that with all the clutter in our lives, we can’t really get a true picture of our money, due to missing statements, unopened bills, etc. She also says that we no longer see the value of money because of our unnecessary and great quantities of items, what “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author, Robert Kiyoaski, would call “Doo-dads”. She then gives us 3-4 exercises that we are to practice which will shed light onto how decluttering can be beneficial, and even more appealing, easy!