Your Education Is One of Your Best Investments

Education is an extremely broad subject. It can be one of your most costly expenditures. An average 4 year degree is several thousand dollars. Even if you’re not paying tuition, education can be expensive in time. Any education though, also has one of the best return on investments. With a four year degree, the average American salary increases $12,000 per year. Not everyone is interested in college, and I agree that it might not be for everyone. You should, however, always be doing something to add value to your education. This is especially important where primary schooling lacks, like financial literacy. During any week, to exercise your financial and muscle set aside time to :

  • Review articles in business and money periodicals and services like your local newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, The Motley Fool, MSNBC, BusinessWeek, etc. I also urge you to follow financial related blogs like this one, AllThingsFinancial, and
  • Watch financial programs and segments on the news, television programs, and radio
  • Listen to educational audio programs on your commute to your job, and use the pain of that drive while paying $2.15/gal as leverage to escape the rate race
  • If you haven’t yet, check out Kiyosaki’s game “Cashflow”

Your education is well worth the time and money because it’s like a virtual launching pad to success.